In this episode I will be building two Linux DNS and NTP servers using Ansible based on CentOS 8.0. This episode is a part of my video series on Building an Enterprise Network that I call Secured Enterprise Core Network (SECNET). The DNS and NTP servers will be used as a relay to reduce and prevent systems like the Active Directory Domain Controllers from reaching directly out to the Internet.

— Video Content —

00:00 – Intro
00:37 – Configure Palo Alto Firewall Security Policies
7:58 – Adding DNS & NTP A records to AD DNS Servers
12:54 – Review Palo Alto Firewall Security Policies
15:35 – Deploying HQDNS1 and HQDNS2 (VMware Template)
18:45 – Initial Configuration for HQDNS1
20:35 – Initial Configuration for HQDNS2
22:15 – Configuring Ansible Inventory and Config File
26:15 – Joining Linux Servers (HQDNS[1,2]) to AD Domain with Ansible
27:55 – Reviewing Ansible DNS Server Role
30:15 – Running Ansible DNS Server Role
30:55 – Validate Ansible Role Ran Successfully
33:30 – Configure Active Directory DNS Servers
39:40 – Update Palo Alto Firewall DNS and NTP Servers
42:49 – Outro


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