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Navstar Inc.


Principal Solutions Architect


Dec 2018 - Dec 2019

Navstar Inc., a leader in technology solutions, was instrumental in a significant network and security modernization for the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FINCEN). Embarking on the initiative dubbed "Digital Fortitude," a Navstar-led Principal Solutions Architect and Operations Manager drove an array of sub-projects that significantly upgraded FINCEN's tech capabilities. This strategic overhaul blended meticulous planning with top-tier technical skills, reinforcing Navstar's ethos of innovation and a deep commitment to operational excellence.

The overhaul included a series of technical migrations and security enhancements that marked Navstar's adept handling of complex IT challenges. By implementing leading-edge Palo Alto Networks firewalls and optimizing network management with Cisco Nexus solutions, Navstar fortified FINCEN's cybersecurity landscape. In concert with these enhancements, Navstar orchestrated a forward-thinking redesign of FINCEN's Microsoft Active Directory and conducted rigorous compliance audits, showcasing its proficiency in managing specialized teams and contributing to the national security mission.


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Digital Fortitude: Engineering FINCEN's Next-Gen Secure Network


Dec 2018 - Dec 2019


In the role of Principal Solutions Architect and Operations Manager at FINCEN via Navstar Inc., I orchestrated a multifaceted suite of initiatives, at the heart of which lay the intricate Integrated Master Schedule. This schedule was the blueprint for five visually dynamic projects, encompassing a spectrum from Physical to Virtual migrations and Network Upgrades to Linux Automation. Weekly, I would distill the complexities of these initiatives into coherent updates, briefing senior government officials on the ebb and flow of project statuses, surfacing risks, and addressing issues that emerged with each passing week.

The network modernization project was a cornerstone of my tenure, where I crafted and deployed a strategic design to bolster security, enhance network transparency, and streamline management while curbing costs. This endeavor was characterized by the adept integration of Palo Alto Networks PA-5280 and PA-5220 firewalls, alongside Cisco Nexus 5K and 2K fabric extenders, setting a new standard in network sophistication.

Simultaneously, I steered the creation of a new Microsoft Active Directory framework, leveraging the robust capabilities of Microsoft Server 2016. This initiative was mission-critical, aimed at accelerating the software lifecycle deployment from development to production. I ensured that each enclave, from testing to pre-production, was a paragon of configuration consistency and security.

My commitment to compliance and security was further demonstrated through meticulous audits of the production Active Directory and the virtualized infrastructure, spotlighting a steadfast adherence to stringent baselines in a Windows 2008 R2 domain and forest environment, as well as in the VMware and Nutanix hyper-converged infrastructure.

Leadership was a constant throughout these ventures, as I managed a talented cadre of 16 professionals, stratified into specialized teams focused on Windows, Linux, Network, Security, Database, and Storage domains, each essential to the overarching goal of securing the agency's sensitive information and processes.

Julian Yates
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